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integrative medicine
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Start a safe and effective plan with Integrative Health Choices Today! From Prevention and Nutritional Plans to Mind-Body therapies like MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress reduction),Japanese Acupuncture,

Hypnotherapy, and Psychotherapy, we can combine these proven therapies with the best of Modern Western Medicine and provide you with a powerful personalized plan to promote well being, lifelong resiliency, and activate inner healing.


It is important to be "Healthy at any Age" and to view aging as a wonderful and rewarding part of our lives. Aging must be understood not only in terms of health.


Mind Body is a well established connection over three decades where medical studies have confirmed how the power of mind can influence every major body system from respiratory, cardiac,



Medical Education Presentations in Integrative Medicine and Healthy Aging Lifestyles are available to community groups, corporations.


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Our Doctor
Medical Doctor Joseph Mosquera (MD)

Doctor Joseph Mosquera is committed to health care reform in medical education and public awareness, thru the field of integrative medicine.


Dr Mosquera became a leading figure in providing optimal healthcare and prevention awareness to his community, often volunteering his services.

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Dr. Mosquera is trained and certified in TCM/Acupuncture at Harvard Medical School and Hypnotherapy with NYSEPH.